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Acupuncture & BodyWork Unique Combination

Do you regularly feel stiffness in your back, neck, or shoulders?

Or, do you ever come home from a long day of work feeling stressed and anxious?

You’re not alone…

The taxing demands of our modern society creates significant stress in our body that holds us back from being 100% functional.

Stress is a silent killer and is now being recognized as the root of many diseases, disharmonies and dysfunctions, including body pain. Stress causes disharmony in the muscles.

Contracted short muscles and weaker long muscles reduce the function of your muscles which can cause you to feel “stiff” and in pain.

So what can you do?

Acupuncture helps to alleviate the pain by stimulating an instant release of tight muscles through precise needling of an acupuncture point.

Massage therapy improves blood flow and keeps your muscles and joints relaxed, open and mobile which prevents the muscles from contracting and spasming once again.

So how do you eliminate this nagging pain caused by chronic muscle contraction?

Enter acupuncture…

Acupuncture relaxes the tension of hyper-contracted short muscles by harmonizing the nerve-muscle complex and channeling the bio-electrical energy into circulation again. When done effectively, your affected muscles will slightly twitch or a light nerve sensation can be felt in the area or away from it.  This helps reduce pain immediately and also reduces the uncomfortable “stiff, tight or even locked” feeling you might have in various areas of your body.

BodyWork and Acupuncture are strategically integrated. Both address deeper levels of therapy in the body and mind resulting in quick and sustained relief.

Here’s How it Works…

Thai Massage, as a form of BodyWork, helps to boost blood circulation and nerve flow allowing the body to fully relax. Your focused acupuncture treatment can stimulate proper function in the affected muscle much more efficiently. A relaxed and stress-free body makes it easier to restore health and function.

“Harmony”, “Balance”, or “Equilibrium” are profound concepts that belong to this ancient medicine that has endured the test of times. In fact, when acupuncturists talk about “Balance”, they refer to a true physiological effect.

In Western Medicine, balancing is in reference to the Autonomic Nervous System – the system that is in control of “involuntary” (no control of) bodily functions like breathing, digesting and heartbeating. Stress, sickness, pain, bad habits, and improper nutrition impair the optimum healthy balance between activity and rest, focus and relaxation,  as well as all other bodily functions associated with these two states. For example, today’s age desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles create a wide range of conditions: physical body pain, weakness, reduced digestion and absorption capacity, anxiety or depression. On the other hand, being too active, either physically or mentally, can also disrupt this healthy balance. For example, the sudden feeling of inspiration to train and run for the New York Marathon has injured many patients, especially because they have never exercised that hard. An average individual with no prior history of being a professional athlete has more chances of serious injuries. A professional athlete is in more of a better condition, energy, and balance to accomplish such task. In the other hand, whatever your purpose is, my roll is to professionally guide you and to help you accomplish your goals.

Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System is done through the stimulation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System that is in charge of resting, digesting, sleep, and recovering the body. All of these are normal bodily functions, but difficult to accomplish on many patients.